Crossroads of the Heart

A crisis pregnancy. A "T" in the road.
A crossroad where the decision
you make will change your life.

But you're not alone.
Many have come to this same crossroad.

Hear the voices and see the faces of women who
share what they have learned from their
experiences so that you can be informed
as many of them were not.

Our desire is that this video will be given freely to every woman who enters your center. Everyone needs to hear this message! Further, we wish to help those women who are being pressured to have an abortion, by providing them a tool to take home that will inform their loved ones of the possible consequences.

Also on this DVD is our Love Puts on Sneakers film. Click here for more info.

We are making this combo DVD available in quantities of 30 for $1.75 each plus $5 shipping and quantities of 100 for $1.39 each plus $10 shipping. Please take advantage of this offer to help us spread the word about the possible side effects of abortion and the alternatives available.