Love Puts On Sneakers is part of the Combo DVD With Crossroads of the Heart.

Love Puts On Sneakers

Jeff and Stephanie are finding out if their love walks the walk.

Stephanie is afraid . . . afraid of the answer the doctor will give, afraid it could be her fault, afraid what will happen to her marriage. . . . Could a single choice she made so many years ago demolish a dream she held since childhood, a dream she and Jeff shared for their future?

Everyone is looking for love. The question is what kind of love? Stephanie's story is about the question she didn’t ask until it was too late, “What kind of love am I looking for?” In a time when Sexually Transmitted Infections are in the millions and one in four people is carrying an STI, the “love” question could not be more important. What kind of love are you looking for?

Everyone needs to hear this message!
Our desire is that this video will be given freely to every woman who participates in your Sexually Transmitted Infections/Abstinance
program. They will then be able to take and share it with thier friends.

This video is available with Crossroads of the Heart Combo DVD in quantities of 30 for $1.75 each plus $5 shipping and quantities of 100 for $1.39 each plus $10 shipping. Please help us spread the word about Sexually Transmitted Infections.