Everybody’s looking for love. The question is what kind of
love. Stephanie and her husband Jeff are finding out if their
love walks the walk. It’s a cautionary tale that could be
recounted by thousands of women who have unknowingly
contracted a Sexually Transmitted Infection. This DVD is
priced to give freely to sexually active young women to take home.
Spects’ newest release will enrich your abstinence/STI program.

A New Crossroads of the Heart

We know you operate on a limited budget. And we know you would have a hard time deciding to also spend more money for Love Puts On Sneakers. That’s why we have decided to not only sell Love Puts On Sneakers on its own DVD but also add Love Puts On
Sneakers on the
Crossroads of the
Heart DVD.

Staying Ahead of Costs

Spects has sold over 75,000 copies of Crossroads of the Heart and it is now being reproduced by other organizations outside of the USA. And for that we are grateful to you for getting the word out about this effective tool. Spects anticipated that we would one day have to raise our prices once our initial grant was extinguished. That time has come. Our new pricing reflects our continued commitment to deliver quality productions at costs well below the typical DVD price. Your continued support of our effort to get the word out is appreciated. Thank You!